Manage Your Digital Identity

BoBo helps you take back control of your  data and identity. Get real-time updates each time your data is accessed, by who, when and why.

Store, Send, Receive Cryptocurrency

Make your wallet, truly your own by storing as many currencies as you have and transact as you would normally.

Exchange Cryprocurrency with FIAT

BoBo is not just another wallet, exchange cryptocurrency with FIAT on demand, when you need and where you need it.

Borrow, Lend, Earn, Invest

BoBo is your bank, only  friendlier. Borrow or share money with  friends and earn interest while you’re at it.

Create Unique Content

All content captured on your BoBo Wallet is digitally signed, creating singular unique content that only you can own.

Secure & Safe

Protect your crypto and store your private keys offline. It’s time to set up a safe place for your coins and get rewards.

Not Just Another Wallet

BoBo is your bank, only friendlier.
Shop in any currency, send and receive crypto, swap, lend, stake and all the other things you need all in one place.

Win Big

Send or receive crypto through BoBo and win big rewards and cash back.

Swap Crypto with FIAT, Fast.

Exchange your crypto with crypto and also with FIAT seamlessly, with our native integration of changelly and TRANSAK.

Staking Simplified

With BoBo Wallet you can securely stake in multiple currencies like HarmonyOne, Tezos or Polkadot and earn tokens while you sleep

Secure Your Identity 

It is your personal data that makes all this possible,
be smart, be private and protect you personal data, use Bobo.

BoBo Supports


How Secure is Bobo?
BoBo is an air gapped wallet, which consists of two seperate components:
The BoBo Wallet app, which is connected to the blockchain and deals only with public data.
The BoBo Vault app, which is air gapped and deals with the secret bits.
The BoBo Wallet app retrieves the required network information for a given address (nonce and gas price). This information is typed into the BoBo Vault app, which can create and sign the transaction. The signed transaction is later transferred (through QR code) to the BoBo Wallet app, which will broadcast the transaction.
I feel safe now, but what could be possible attacks?

The only technology your secret gets in touch with is the device with the BoBo Vault app. The rest is public data. If the BoBo Vault device is compromised it could transmit the secret to the “outside world” (you wouldn’t believe how esoteric attacks for air gapped devices can get..).

How do I generate a secure private key?

Generating a secure key requires an “as random as possible” source of data. One way to do this is by using the BoBo Vault device’s secure random generator with extra entropy. You can seed it, for example, with microphone and webcam data. Another way, which involves less technology (and thus feels more secure) is by using a dice. Once you have your hex key (on a piece of paper), you can use tools like the mnemonic code converter to convert it (only type in the secret into your air gapped machine for converting) in a more practical format.

Why was BoBo Wallet created ?

We dream of a truly decentralized world accesible to everyone. Our ultimate goal is to make this amazing technology as usable and accessible for everyone without neglecting security. We truly believe this is the only way it can become mainstream but still remain distributed.

Can I use this for all my everyday transactions ?

Between usability and security, there is always a trade-off. With this solution, we aim to be on the optimal line of that trade-off. In the future, we also plan to do the less secure approach of allowing both the BoBo Vault and the BoBo Wallet  to be installed on the same device, which is still more secure than only using one app. This solution is aimed to handle smaller amounts of crypto, usually the amount you’re ready to lose without any hassle.

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